Accidentally Have All of Your Investment Eggs in One Basket?

By Yvonne Marsh, CFP®, CPAA retired couple came to my office recently to talk about their investments. In the course of our conversation, the husband wondered aloud how he could have lost a third of his portfolio in 2008 when he had invested in mutual funds, rather than individual stocks. Didn’t he have his money [...]

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What Will the Markets Do When You Retire?

Imagine the markets decline 15% on your first day of retirement! Your $500,000 nest egg is now worth $440,000. You will need an almost 18% rebound to recover. What if the opposite were true? The markets increase 15%. Your $500,000 is now worth $560,000. In retirement, you can do everything right - you save diligently, [...]

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Q&A From Our Life Transitions e-Mailbag

Q&A From Our Life Transitions e-Mailbag We regularly get questions from people trying to manage financial transitions in their lives.  I thought I would share some of these real-life scenarios as a collaborative learning tool.  After all, life is complicated – so let’s figure it out together. Question:  My sister, who was 75, [...]

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5 Questions You Need Answers To

5 Questions You Need Answers ToConfidence is king.  Whether it is confidence in sinking that next putt on the golf course, or walking into a room of strangers and spotting a friend, or even knowing you look good in a new outfit, when we have confidence we feel good. How about having confidence in [...]

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Everything Knoxville Magazine June, 2017

Everything Knoxville Magazine June, 2017 For the June, 2017 issue of Everything Knoxville magazine, Marsh Wealth Management has the distinct honor of being featured on the cover.  Inside the magazine is an excellent two page feature story, including interviews with our own Mike and Yvonne Marsh. Of particular interest in this article [...]

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On Your Own, Financially

Whether the clients I work with are on their own by choice or by one of life’s unexpected turns, they all have something in common.  They don’t want to end up as the proverbial bag-lady, and they don’t want to be a burden to their family financially.  But they’re not quite sure what to do [...]

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Sitting on the Financial Fence

I remember learning in my high school physics class about inertia – that an object at rest tends to stay at rest.  It’s interesting to see how “financial inertia” plays out in people’s lives as well. Perhaps you are sitting in cash waiting for the perfect time to enter the market.  A Blackrock study found [...]

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Top IRA & 401(k) Mistakes

We can all learn from other’s mistakes.  And in the world of complicated IRA taxation, it’s not hard to make one.  Know that IRA’s and 401k’s are fully taxable to your heirs. And while a well-laid plan lets your heirs pay that tax a little at a time, a poorly designed plan could end up [...]

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