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Medicare insurance can be confusing – but we have a dedicated Medicare insurance specialist on staff that can help you sort through your options.  Whether you need a Medicare Supplement insurance policy, or would like to learn about Medicare Advantage and Medicare Prescription plans, we have the help you need.

Because we are independent, we can look across many companies and find the best fit for your needs. And at no cost to you – because the insurance companies pay our insurance specialist directly.


Did you know that 7 out of 10 people will need some form of long term care in their lifetime?

Many people are apprehensive about purchasing traditional long-term care insurance, because they do not want to pay premiums for an extended period of time never knowing if they will ever use the insurance. Or they know the premiums keep increasing as a person ages. The “use it or lose it” dilemma is discouraging and most people end up hoping for good health rather than making a long term care plan.

But there is an alternative available called Asset-Based Long Term Care Insurance. This investment allows you to reposition a portion of your assets — often the asset that you would self-insure with — and receive a multiplier of that amount to be used for long term care benefits, tax-free. If you never need the benefits, a death benefit would be passed to your heirs. It even has a return of premium feature if you change your mind in later years. Call us today to learn more about this innovative way to protect your portfolio from long term care costs without yearly premiums.


As independent agents, we can shop and compare term life, permanent life plus a wide range of disability coverage.