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We all know that the markets go up and the markets go down. Managing investment portfolios requires time and know-how, and it is easy to end up with accounts that are misaligned or under-performing. We are here to help you manage your investment in the markets.

We have a program designed to effectively manage your market investments through every phase of your life. We use a “bucket plan” approach which is a 3-bucket system to structuring your investment plan for reliable income during your retirement years. Simply put, we craft your investment strategy according to time and purpose. When do you need the money and what do you need it for? We break it down into the Now, Soon and Later buckets.

THE NOW BUCKET is your safe and liquid, sleep-better-at-night money that is not in the financial markets.

THE SOON BUCKET is your conservative investment and income bucket, used as a planned income source that won’t experience the full swing of the stock markets.

THE LATER BUCKET is for long-term growth and legacy planning. Because you have bought a time horizon with the Now and Soon buckets, you can confidently invest for the future without worrying about the day to day swings in the market.

All of this is fancy talk for a very simple goal—to help you protect and grow your money so you have the best chance of achieving the life you want. From saving for your dream home to enjoying a luxurious retirement—we can help.

We will work together to analyze what matters most to you, clearly defining your goals and objectives. We will craft a strategy to ensure that your investments match your risk tolerance, and we will educate you about solutions that fit. We help you implement and monitor your portfolio to take the guesswork out of your investment strategy.

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