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As you approach, and move through, your retirement years, income planning is a necessity.  It’s time to take a hard look at how to preserve the assets you’ve saved and turn them into predictable, tax-efficient income in retirement.  Social Security only provides an average of 38% of income needed in retirement, so we make a plan for where the other 62% is coming from.


Social Security is the foundation of any solid retirement income plan.  We use powerful software to find the SS claiming strategy that will maximize your benefits under current regulatory rules.  Plus we look all the way through both spouse’s combined lifetimes – ensuring that the survivor’s benefit is maximized to the extent possible.


No financial plan is complete without a thorough review of your tax situation now and in the future.  Retirees face unique tax circumstances, and that is where our expertise lies.  IRA Required Minimum Distribution rules are complex and unyielding – 50% penalties apply to missed distributions.  And inherited IRA’s are fully taxable to your heirs – but we can show you to minimize the tax at your passing.

Taxation of Social Security is determined by the amount of other taxable items on your tax return.  Let us show you how to minimize and even eliminate the tax on your Social Security.


The number one cost retirees will face in retirement is healthcare.  Not only can our independent insurance specialist help you find the most cost-effective Medicare supplement insurance, but we can also find a solution for health care costs that Medicare doesn’t cover – such as home health care, assisted living and full-skilled care.  Our Insurance Services page discusses our Long Term Care approach in greater detail.


Perhaps you want to leave some of your wealth to charity.  We can look at which assets make the most sense from a tax point of view, plus strategies to replace those donated assets for your heirs.  Charitable giving is really easy, and a great tax deduction!

Whether you want to give to charity during your lifetime, or after your passing, we can help you structure your giving in the most tax-advantageous way.