The Retirement Road Trip

By Yvonne Marsh, CFP®, CPA

Retirement is like a long road trip with 2 options. You can use a map and take the highway, where there are well-maintained roads and gas stations at regular intervals. You enjoy the journey, confident and relaxed. Or you can take the backroads with no map, not knowing whether the next bridge is washed out or if you’ll run out of fuel before you find the next gas station. That journey is filled with anxiety and fear. Which do you choose? Well, if you prefer well-maintained roads and gas stations on your retirement journey, a solid financial plan makes that happen.

Our firm believes that financial planning should be straight-forward and understandable. We use specialized retirement software that shows us how to preserve your lifestyle and standard of living, no matter how long you live. We optimize your Social Security strategy, make sure you have a guaranteed floor of income, and design an investment strategy that can help weather the inevitable market up’s and down’s.

We’ll also show you how to protect your nest egg from market loss or unexpected health care costs. Just as you insure your home and your auto against catastrophe, you can also insure your assets against market loss or the drain of increased health costs in your later years. How much, or how little, protection you want is up to you. If you and your spouse are still several years from retirement, we’ll look at disability insurance and life insurance to be sure your financial plan isn’t accidentally driven off the road before you even get to retirement.

Lastly, we’ll look at how to use tax-planning to reduce taxes for you and your heirs, and to protect your estate from unintentional planning errors. Whether it’s a Roth conversion strategy to create tax-free assets, or cash value life insurance for tax-free income, we can show you strategies to get Uncle Sam’s hand out of your pocket. And please don’t think that estate and tax planning is just for the super wealthy, because it isn’t. With good financial planning, your hard-earned savings goes to your heirs, rather than to the government in taxes.

So which will it be? Certainty versus uncertainty. Confidence versus anxiety. It’s your choice! Call us today to learn more about our financial planning process. It’s understandable, affordable and transformative.

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